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From the very beginning of Prisoner Express, we have received poetry from prisoners. As we received more submissions we took the hint and began to feature prisoner poems in our newsletter. With the help of volunteers, we have staged a number of public readings of prisoner poems, as well as conducted poetry contests for prisoners who wish to participate. Poetry provides a means where the prisoners we work with can freely express themselves. We invite you to read their writings and step into their world.

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Chapbook Update 6: Elizabeth S. Wolf

This is a poem from Secret Indictments, written by Robert Andrew Bartlett Sr. Mr. Bartlett resides in North Carolina. He writes about his ex- and his experience with the courts. I’m not a fact checker: I’m a poet. It’s a compelling story, beautifully written. This is his truth. Dead End Turn left at the ranch…

Chapbook Update 5: Elizabeth S. Wolf

Another poem from Requiem for the Latent and Lamented Soul, written by Timothy D Raddatz. Mr. Raddatz resides in Minnesota. I love the word play. I read this several times; it gets better. Angels and Demons Angels dance and sing while they play gleefully. Demons twist and writhe at the thought. Angels cry and weep…

Chapbook Club Update 4: Elizabeth S. Wolf

This is the beginning of the opening poem from Requiem for the Latent and Lamented Soul, written by Timothy D Raddatz. Mr. Raddatz resides in Minnesota. The title of the collection is very descriptive of what was found inside. The movement and the intensity here demand attention. Wheel of Lost Running river Running wheel Wheel…

Chapbook Club Update 3: Elizabeth S. Wolf

I promised to share some of the poems we received as part of the chapbook project. This is the opening poem from Take Pleasure from Pain, written by Andre D Underwood. Mr. Underwood resides at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution in Florida. He sent a very real, insightful collection starting with his first love. Kalifornia…

Prisoners, COVID and Creativity: Prisoner Express Poetry Anthology Volume 24

This edition of the  Prisoner Express Poetry Anthology stands alone, as all of the entries were received during the pandemic. Those of us on the outside have a better understanding of the effects of isolation on our well-being. In prisons everything shut down and prisoners often watched the virus spread in their ranks. Many suffered,…

Chapbook Club Update 2: Elizabeth S. Wolf

Last time I wrote about how I got involved in a chapbook project with Prisoner Express while hunkered down at home during the pandemic. But that’s not the only place my words traveled this year. I was selected to be part of a digital archive project that is literally out of this world: Writers On…

Chapbook Club Update 1: Elizabeth S. Wolf

Like many people, I spent about 15 months at home during the pandemic. But my words have traveled widely. I learned about Prisoner Express from my Cornell junior. But I didn’t really think much about the program, since I was busy in my own lane. Two things changed that. One, the much loved founder of…


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Here's some of the past anthologies we've printed and mailed to prisoners enrolled in our poetry programs. All of these anthologies are available for download and printing (see our copyright statement below) – simply click the PDF you'd like to download.

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