Poetry Anthology #21

Prisoner Express [PE] showcases some of the poetry submitted by the men and women who participate in our poetry writing program. A new volume is published every six months. More than 400 poets submitted entries for consideration, and our team of volunteers read through the submissions and create a volume that speaks to them. As the editors typically change with each edition, there is a freshness and uniqueness regarding the criteria for the selection of the poems, and each volume stands alone. If you enjoy reading the poems in Poetry Anthology 21, you can see all the previous anthologies on the website.

Click here to download Prisoner Express Poetry Anthology 21

Writing is a way to order your thoughts in the chaotic prison environment. Knowing you in the “free world” might read their poems, inspires the poets in deep ways. Feeling forgotten weighs heavy on the minds of people in prison. If you read any poems that are meaningful to you and wish to communicate with a prisoner about their poem, contact us at prisonerexpress@gmail.com

We have many of our volunteers write the poets about their poems, and it inspires even more creativity. Let us know what you think of this volume.