Poetry Anthology #23

Hundreds of prisoners send in thousands of poems to be considered in every Prisoner Express Poetry Anthology. 

Every participant who submits a poem is mailed a copy of the anthology. Seeing their work in print, even knowing someone is reading their words has a tremendous impact on inspiring incarcerated men and women to reflect and write.

Tavo, a Cornell student working at the Durland Alternatives Library, read through all these poems and organized this collection for publication.

All of the previous 22 anthologies can be found in the Poetry section of our website.

Here’s some thoughts shared by Michael who joined PE  last year. 

“Hello and greetings from Afar! Thank you for the Prisoner Express Newsletter 2019. I am new, so you will have to show me around. I love to draw and poetry is something I just got into! I am an amatuer, but here’s my latest that I wrote the other day while sitting in bed:

Sometimes imagination is all we have at times. To be able to express myself and have somebody listen to my thoughts means a lot, and I hope in someway somebody can take something positive from it. We are so much stronger when we are united. The talent seen behind bars leaves me in awe… Thank you for this resource! You and the students are highly appreciated! Keep up the good work.”

~ Michael

If you enjoy reading the poetry and would like to send a letter to a poet, Prisoner Express can set you up to be able to send up to seven letters a week to prisoners from your computer and you can  use the  Prisoner Express return address if you prefer.

You can send any inquiries to prisonerexpress@gmail.com