Prisoner Express Theme Essays

Prisoner Express establishes both a Word Theme and a Picture Theme for each month for prisoners to base their writing off of. These themes inspire both creative and personal writing, and PE members are encouraged to submit writing for each theme. If a prisoner writes a theme essay they receive a Theme Essay newsletter, a packet that consists of all the writing done that month on the subjects.

Volunteers read and type all the essays to create the compilation. Prisoners reading each other’s writing goes a long way in helping them understand their own experience. It also breaks down barriers between racial and ethnic groups who traditionally stay isolated in prison.

"The theme essays and journals are our expression of feeling that help rehabilitate our hearts and minds. Not just by us writing, but also in reading what others write. In seeing that others have the same issues and problems that we are personally are dealing with, means that we are not alone." - Brandon R., Inmate

It is clear through their writings that they share similar experiences and their common humanity shines through. Prisoners take great pride in seeing their essays published, and are motivated to continually improve their writing skills.

Daniel Harris – Mind Games in Our Family

Mind Games in Our Family Humans, being creatures of high intellect (there are always exceptions to such generalities), are prone to mind games, whether as assailant or victim. In our Prisoner Express family mind games are unusual, but name calling is such a game played by those lacking the ability to defend their positions intelligently.…

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Daniel Harris – the Ultimate Mindgame

Daniel Harris The Ultimate Mind Game Sitting in a tiny cell and listening to the man next door talking to angels and laughing with god has convinced me that the bible is the most dangerous book and religion a mind game extraordinaire. A warning label should be required on all bibles: “Do not Read in…

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You Talk too Much

     Ohhh you sneaky snake, you did it!  They said it couldn’t be done, but you did it!  Hee-he-hee, you did it!  They said it was impossible, but you, you’ve proven them all wrong!  Oh my, what a marvelous feat!  Simply marvelous!  I alone saw it!  I alone know!  Tee-hee!      “Quiet Sam,”…

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Narcotics Anonymous

     Everyone has heard of “A.A.” Me, I became a member of N.A. Drugs was my downfall. All makes, all kinds. Of course I had to wash  it all down with alcohol. I guess that’s why I had to make a few of those A.A. meetings also.      But when it came down…

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Kindness without Question

     Does it really matter who receives an act of charity, or is the important thing the act itself? In December 2008, one of the greatest acts of kindness ever to have been done for me in my (then) 53 years of life was a sham – it was an act of charity I…

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Thin Comfort – Joseph Stanwick

Thin Comfort- Joseph Stanwick 636416 2/1/13 We are on lock down status again as every inch of the prison compound is searched for contraband and living on thin sandwiches again, jam sandwiches we call them made of two pieces of stale bread and a spot of peanut butter jammed together. This time around they are the…

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     I felt the bone break the moment I ran into the swing set.  Bonnie Baumgartner, a girl who was three years older than me, and a foot taller, decided she was going to give me my first kiss.  Contrary to her plan, I decided to run for cover.      At eight years of age,…

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The Vision

     One day as I was in prayer, the Lord had asked me a question and I was struggling for an answer. The question was, “Where on Earth does man keep his most priceless treasures?      After much thought, my answer was, “Lord, usually gold, silver, diamonds, and precious jewels are kept under lock and…

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Eyes of the Heart & Be Honest With Yourself Today

By Edward Ramos AKA Blue ********************* Here are two brief but insightful essays by Edward Ramos. I think that we can reflect on many of his questions while thinking about our own lives outside of prison. We can think of ways in which we can live more in line with our goals, to be better,…

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Abyss & Abysmal

By Kevin Cockman ********************* In his response to my call for submissions Kevin noted, “I have thought of trying this for a long time and decided I might as well. My life can’t get much more embarrassing than what it is now. So, that said, here goes.” What he calls a story, I call an…

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