Daniel Harris – the Ultimate Mindgame

Daniel Harris

The Ultimate Mind Game

Sitting in a tiny cell and listening to the man next door talking to angels and laughing with god has convinced me that the bible is the most dangerous book and religion a mind game extraordinaire. A warning label should be required on all bibles: “Do not Read in Solitary Conditions or Prior to Psychological Evaluation.”

Christians (being raised Christian I have experiences to go by) get upset if you mention the foibles of heir religious brethren. Can you name another religion where members hear the voice of god tell them to do outrageously stupid things so often? Raping their own and other people’s children, killing the innocent, refusing life saving medical treatment and cutting off their own sex organs are the most regularly and historically attributed to Christians that claim to be acting in the name of god. There are sects that practice the mortification of the flesh through cruel flagellation to subdue their sinful natures. Christians always blame the devil and a lack of faith. I blame the bible and a lack of brains.

Still, every Christian you meet is sure you should convert to their flavor of religion and be saved. In my opinion, handing some people a bible is like giving a child whiskey, drugs, and a loaded gun to play with. It’s criminal negligence. They’re sure to hurt themselves and possibly others as well.

Couldn’t we at least require a psychological test to evaluate a person’s mental stability and licensing before we let them join a church or carry a personal bible? That would protect us all from the outcome when a nuts gets religion. You have to have license to drive a car or carry a handgun concealed. Bibles and religion are much more dangerous. Big-time televangelists aren’t immune to long term contamination. Religion is toxic. It should be monitored like hazardous waste.

Remember when Oral Roberts told his congregation that god had told Oral he had to raise a million dollars or god would kill him? Okay, I admit that was pretty smart, he got lots of money, but think how many crazies sent those checks, one was my grandmother. Maybe it was just my perverse sense of human, but I really hoped he’d fall short so I could see what would happen. I went to Mama Claudie’s to watch Oral preach for weeks on Sunday morning. If he got struck by a bolt of lightning…Boom! I’m a believer for life. He claimed to have got the money. Would he admitted it if he hadn’t?

Pat Robertson’s call for Hugo Chavez’s assassination was surely insane, as was his statements concerning Hurricane Katrina being sent by god to punish sinners on the Gulf Coast. What about the Christians that got punished in the process? They all start to come unwound, though this one might not have been wrapped too tight to start with.

Religion is designed to manipulate a person’s natural inclinations and destroy their free will, which is supposedly a gift from god. It’s contradictory to say god gave us free will and then tell us we are going to burn in a lake of fire unless we worship god in perfect obedience. God didn’t write the bible. Men did. Jesus left no written record. Men put words in his mouth later that suited their ulterior motives. All religions are created by men to control the masses and create an elite class of priests that never have to work and live richly on the gifts of the poor. Christianity is the ultimate mind game and always will be. Unless we all wise up and quit sending in those checks, but that’ll never happen as long as fear of burning for eternity is beaten into every new generation.