’20 Programs

Community Across Cells

The two following poems are some of the first to be chosen for the Volume 23 of the  Prisoner Express Poetry Anthology.  Jointly they expose the painfully obvious and the obscured realities of what living life—for whatever amount of time—between the walls of a cell are like. Thank you to all who have contributed to…

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Poetry Anthology #21 & #22

Prisoner Express Poetry Volume 21 and 22 are now available! Prisoner Express has just published two volumes of poetry submitted by incarcerated authors across the US. A team of PE volunteers read through thousands of poems to find the poems for each anthology. Each volume had over 500 writers submit poems for consideration. Every prisoner…

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Prisoner Express Winter 2020 Newsletter

Discover the humanity of incarcerated men and women through their creative writing and art in this winter edition of our biannual newsletter. This newsletter also contains a description of all the 10 programs PE is offering this cycle, including courses in financial literacy, songwriting, mediation and a book club featuring the novel Slaughterhouse-five.  The prisoner…

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