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The knowledge that people read their words and care about their well-being gives prisoners comfort and motivates them to change their lives and habits. Reading one another’s writing helps those in prison gain perspective, connection, and balance

Volunteer with Prisoner Express Online

There are many ways for volunteers to participate and due to COVID-19 we have begun scanning prisoner essays, poetry and art on-line. If you want to know more ways to volunteer or find out about our new initiatives, please consider joining our community page.

Prisoners write to us frequently to thank us for our efforts.

“Thank you for giving us such a great program and all that entails: The educational opportunities, the book programs, writing prompts, creative ideas for self-inquiry, expression, observation, and reflection. 

The doors you have opened up have truly shaped and changed my life for sure, and I know I am not the only one who’s been catapulted into a whole new perspective, outlook, and world by the transformational programs you-Prisoner Express offer us behind bars. Thank you thank you”

~ Myron Martens -North Carolina.

Please join us in catapulting Myron and others in the growing awareness that life is an opportunity and a gift.

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