Poetry Spotlight: Rolf Rathmann

Lately, working through prisoners’ poetry submissions for the 2021 Poetry Anthology, I’ve found that some are particularly profound and well written. I recently read a poem that I wanted to share for its sheer quality, and the feeling I was left with after reading it. I hope you all find it as enjoyable and moving as I did.


Constant Lover

by Rolf Rathmann


leave me be

i tell the wonderer

inside a well

of darkness


companion to

self doubt

protective lingerer

extirpating deeper shelter


jarring my balance

axis tilting

upon which

rests my frame


disappointment to

others as

disdainfully with eagle

vision i see a crevice



a dwelling infinitesimal of

joy — i reside



Why are you my friend?


Leave. I breathe out.