Prisoner Express Winter 2020 Newsletter

Discover the humanity of incarcerated men and women through their creative writing and art in this winter edition of our biannual newsletter. This newsletter also contains a description of all the 10 programs PE is offering this cycle, including courses in financial literacy, songwriting, mediation and a book club featuring the novel Slaughterhouse-five. 

The prisoner participants write to thank us. Here are a few comments we recently received:

“Prisoner express has helped me become a better writer, it’s programs are great builders of character, motivating and inspiring. They push you to try new things, to be better, they create opportunities for self-reflection. Your programs have helped me reinvent myself. I am grateful and sincerely appreciate the students for the time, their feedback, dedication and commitment to our works.” 

“Hells yeah! P.E is the most relevant program I’ve done in my 22 years in prison. It has allowed me to share what I’ve learned in life with other prisoners, enabled me to meet and be inspired by/inspire other imprisoned artists/writers, allowed me to share the beautiful parts of myself while the system struggles/projects to portray and make us only ugly/undesirable. I often feel like I’m drowning in the systems’ evil projections. PE is like a life raft full of other survivors in a shipwreck of society’s poor and rejected.”

Check out the Winter 2020 Newsletter here. There are many ways to volunteer with the program, at our Cornell location or remotely. Please contact us at if you want more information or you would like to donate books or funds to keep the program going.