Prisoner Express Summer 19 Newsletter

Prisoner Express Summer 19 Newsletter is being mailed to approx 4000 participants in prisons all around the US. Every issue has stories poems and art submitted by the prisoners participating in our distance learning programs. Every issue of the newsletter we mail to prisoners brings us a cascade of responses letting us know at PE how meaningful our engagement is to the participants.

Download Summer 2019 Newsletter

The newsletter provides a preview of the upcoming programs to be offered this fall. I am happy to announce that we will once again offer our two year program called “Building a Book”. This ambitious program will take the participant through all the stages of brainstorming, plotting and writing a book [pg 7].

Prisoner Express currently has 2 traveling art shows and we want to share them with you and your community. You can read about them in the newsletter [pg5] and if you would like to bring the show to your community contact us and we will if it is possible.

We are also surveying our 4000 active members to learn more about them and their interests [pg29]. The first 1000 respondents will get a copy of two cookbook packets, “Meals Sides and Sauces” and “The Sweet Life”, that were created using recipes submitted by the participants in our previous survey in 2017.

Any questions or comments about PE, please email us at