William Miles, Summer 2013


I am now in textile, working as assistant weaver, 8 hour days busy-busy-busy, I work on towels, it is HUGE the weaver itself is 9’ wide 6’ deep and 7’ tall one 6 foot roll of cotton thread overhead, another at hip height, 3,310 threads meet but don’t touch, it is a big mass passing through drop bars, if a thread breaks it (machine) shuts off. Much to do but fun! To learn!…


… I imagine myself going to eat in various restaurants and ordering this or that so as to keep myself sane, or raising a garden, even acquiring a pet or two I love to watch fish and I do really love spiders, I would love to study all about spiders I may and learn about edible plant, fungus included I do love to learn, all I may.

I have two gothic pen-pals, I realize we share a lot in common, occult and horror, I drew a bat for one of my pen-pals a tarantula for another, have yet to send it. I still have a LOT of drawing to do for Ms Tracy, I must secure paper, stamps always help, I would like it if cornell offered a course on psychiatry. Maybe to help me understand other people better.