Roy Chitwood, April 20, 2008

Roy J Chitwood


April 20, 2008

              Spring is here.  The weather has been glorious.  Smelling the fresh cut grass.  There’s a highway out pass the wire and you see the bikes and people hauling the boats to the lake.  Life has picked up again out there after the slowing down of winter.  There’s a freshness in the air, a reviving.

              It’s hard not to think about things outside.  You try hard to keep them in a box inside you but it’s so tempting to lift the lid and take a few memories out just to dwell on them.  Sometimes this isn’t a good thing in here.  At first it brings a few warm feelings and a smile to your face but all of sudden you find yourself trudging around that same fenced yard and although there’s a date in the future when all this will end you can’t seem to get a handle on that.  So what started out as a small respite to this nightmare has bitten you pretty hard.

              It’s these waves of depression that so many struggle with in here.  You shrug it off or it will drive you nuts.  But that’s okay.  I was there on that beach again not so long ago working with my girl, hearing her laugh or when we were standing in front of this waterfall in this canyon I took her to when we first met.  That’s cool huh?  No matter how much prison can take from you it can’t take that.  We as humans can adapt and can go on.  I have that something deep inside me that no prison can touch.  I can go there and be free.