Lamarr Little – April 12, 2008

The following is a journal entry reposted from the Prisoner Express google doc archives!  -Bradford

Lamarr Little


April 12, 2008

              The prison food is disgusting, Albany must be blinded by the misleading menu that’s posted.  It’s very expensive to live in prison.  This became very clear to me and I’m affected by this.  I spend a lot of money in order to eat healthy.  I discussed this with an associate of mine the other day.  I try not to dwell on things I cannot change.  I feel as if I’m becoming more conscious of what I do and say in front of people.  I found myself being too blunt.  I try to develop good character and be polite but I find this to be difficult in this environment.  The aggressive is respected while the intelligent is frowned upon.  Which is ridiculous!  I stopped eating junk food.  Not all together but not like I use to.  I’ve been on a protein and oatmeal diet, it’s been alright though.  The weather has been nice for the past few days.  I enjoyed the pre-summer heat, which was odd because my thing is the winter.  Majority of the paintings I’ve been working on is near completion.  I’ve even started a couple of new ones.  I have like one blank canvas left.  So I’m going to save it for when I come up with a good concept for a painting