Jason Menchaca 3-28-13 and 4-16-13


Well, I got shook down today.  It could have been worse.  And of all people, I get to shake me down.  It has to be the X-property officer/training officer for new officers.  W.T.F.!!!!!   At least thats what I’m thinking when she breaks my headphone and because I had two cords spliced together after I just laid them out on the table.  It took her thirty minutes to shake down my property.

She went through my stuff with a fine tooth comb.  I thought she was going to take all my appliances (radio, headphones, fan and hot pot), because they have been altered in some fashion.  But, she gave them back to me.  As well as some other stuff, I wasn’t supposed to have.  I was surprised!  In the end, I walked away pretty good considering who she was.  Hurray for me!


For being locked up as long as I have, I tend to dream big.  Sometimes, I think I dream about too much I can’t have.  Mainly my freedom.  But, being locked up forces me to live in my dreams because the realities of prison life can be too much at times.  I feel if I cease to dream then I’ll cease to be who I am.