Jason Menchaca- 3-13/18-13


Man, what the FK!  These people still don’t have no toothpaste.  Or better said, they ran out.  They only had seventy-five tubes for a building of four hundred and thirty two inmates.  Thats nonsense.  I only have a little bit left and i don’t have the ten dollars to buy one off the street.  That’s how much they’re going for on the black market.  That’s a come up for real.  This unit needs toothpaste bad!


Being locked up as long as I have, I got this mentality that its us against them, inmates against prison officers.  So when I hear an officer got jump on, I don’t even question it.  Today, it happened on two different buildings.  As of now they locked down the unit.  I’, pretty sure that we will be on lock down for the major lock down.  Either way I’m glad to get it over with.