Jason Menchaca 3-11-13

Jason Menchaca


Rumor has it that the unit is going on lock down today.  I’m tired of the rumors.  They need to go ahead and get it over with.  It’s a hassle to get shook down.  The unit goes on lock down.   Theres no movement for a couple of weeks(?).  We eat johnny sack which consist of two sandwiches three times a day.  So if you don’t have money to go to the store with, you will lose weight because they will lugg(?) you out for these two weeks.  I mainly catch up on my reading on lock down.  I also have more time to draw.  When I was in Ad-Seg I spent twenty-three hours a day in a single man cell.  While doing time like that you learn how to entertain yourself, or you will go mad.  So writing, reading, and drawing have become staples in my life.