Gabriel Roberson, May 17th, 2013

I realized today I haven’t been out of this cell for more than a few hours in almost seven years. Well, I went to Corcoran for ten days during the first hunger strike and was locked in two different cells down there. If I take my full yard and come out to clean the tier and shower maybe I’d get three hours out. And then it’s just being locked in the shower or the yard or tier. Once every couple of years I go out to the hospital to get checked for cancer, that’s a few hours out, a short drive to the hospital and back and few hours in the room. What a depressing way to live! I did recently read in an article that I’m not in solitary confinement though. The SHU’s not solitary because the cops bring our food trays to the door and pass em through the tray slot to us and we’re allowed visits through the glass. You can imagine how relieved I was to find out I’m not in solitary! I don’t get visits, but at least I have the stimulating moment of human contact twice a day when I’m handed a tray of bad food by someone who despises me!