Rene Joe DeLa Rosa, November 5, 2012


Been a “so-so” start of a month. 2012 seems to be a blur actually, but it’s a good blur.  Been the best, most memorable year to date for me.  Too much to re-cap but my reconnection w/ God and my families highlight it all.  I’ve made some hard decisions, drawn certain lines in the sand that I will not cross….cried tears of spiritual pain and tears of joy.  I’ve made friends and have lost Homeboys only to gain “Brothers.”  It’s been a roller coaster ride.

    Nothing really big has happened lately.  Been reading 2 good series.  Just finished “Hunger Games” and am waiting to finish “The Mistborn Trilogy” by Brandon Sanderson.  Both are great series.  Been a long while since I’ve read any good series.  Now I have to switch gears ‘cus I have to do a couple hours of studying hebrew.


  1. Polly Claudia Morales on March 15, 2014 at 3:33 am

    For Rene joe DeLaRosa
    Hope all is ok. I miss you. Would love to see you.
    Aunt Polly