“Sideways,” by Jonathan C. Holeman

Sideways by Jonathan C. Holeman
AI 7466
CCI 4A7 108
PO Box 1902
Tehachapi, CA 93581

She walks sideways sometimes,
Usually when she drinks,
But not always.
Sometimes it’s pills,
It used to be needles,
But now she says she’s sober.
Before that was a glass pipe
tin foil, pot pipe, cigarette, and beer.
I fear to understand why
Because I already know
Broken heart disappointments
That built up in a landslide
Always tearing her down,
And even worse when she was young.

Sometimes I only watch her
Other times I help her to the door;
Place a blanket on her shoulders
As she falls upon the floor.
She won’t remember me tomorrow;
She almost never does.