David Joiner- 10-03-12 (part I)

I lay in bed with my body facing the wall that has a window in it. I heard when the leading team officer stepped at my next door neighbor cell, slammed their door open, and ordered them to strip down. At the time, I was thinking that if they come to my cell, I wasn’t worried about anything, because I had no contraband. So, I continue to lay in my bunk until the leading team officer slammed my cell door open and ordered my cellie and me to strip down.
I instantly jumped from my bunk and began coming out of my underwear. The first thing the officer wanted me to do was to pick up my clothing and shoes and hand them to him. I did as ordered. He then searched my belongings and started on me. He ordered me to rub my fingers behind my ears and then open my mouth. I did as told. He then told me to lift my nut-sack and then turn around and spread my ass cheeks and expose the bottoms of my feet. I followed all of the officer’s instructions. After that, he told me to grab my shit and get off of the pod. He then started on my cellie.
I left the section, entering deep space, and the officer in that area of the building told me to get on. I dressed in the holding area of the pod and then headed towards the searcher’s desk. There were a few officer’s hanging in that area, and a female officer told me to get to the three gym. Such a gym belongs to three building. I did as I was told.
When I made it to the cage of three building gym, there were about twenty offenders, or so, standing around and setting on the pavement. The main door to the gym was open and there were lots of offenders inside. I went in and headed in the direction of the weight machine. There were several offenders in that area who were just talking about what had taken place in the day room earlier.
After waiting in the gym for over two hours, the leading team officer had come to the gate of the cage and hollered out loud for sixty-five cell, top and bottom, to come forward. We did as told. My cellie and I came forward, and the officer opened the gate to let us out.
He then motioned for us to carry on and to walk on the right side of the yellow line. This guy didn’t tell us anything about where we were going, he just simply steered us on.
We walked down the main hallway until we came to the gate that lead to one-building. We carried on until we were inside of one-building. One-building is the building of headquarters. This is where the warden’s office is located and the visitation room. The team officer stopped at the searcher’s desk and asked the woman who was satting behind it to give him the keys to the cage. My cellie and I ended up in a separate visitation-stall. I don’t know exactly where my cellie was, but I was in a stall that had a large window and a phone receiver on the wall. As I was being placed in the stall, the officer had me strip out again. After going through the proper procedure, he closed me in and burned off.