Matthew Tomlinson, May 6th, 2012

May 06, 2012, Sunday — Day Number 18,838 or so is a good day to go back to typing these TWYG Sheets on typing paper. At least you, Reader, get a new Carbon Paper Sandwich.

It’s still early, about 06:14 hours on a useless Sunday morning. This old rascal is thinking of going back to sleep until the next event: our 08:30 hours lunch. That’s one of the luxuries of being in the windowless graveyard of High Security. We can sleep almost forever, and they’ll bring our food to us. How much sleep do the angels who took part in Lucifer’s rebellion get these days? Do they have the ability to sleep, as they languish in their chains in everlasting darkness, awaiting their fate which will come much sooner than they want? Do they sleep? Do they dream? Do these fallen angels have the ability to, maybe somehow, project these dreams into our world, to shape the paths that our lives follow so that more of us will follow their footsteps? It’s a consideration for the future. It’s a consideration that Mind’s Eye could be something sent by a demon. Do you believe in demons? More on point: do you believe this old rascal is insane? You might have more than a scintilla of a reason to believe that this old rascal has gone a bit more left-field than he’s always been. What of it? The entry about Mind’s Eye will give you more reason to believe that. That’s fine. This old rascal still cherishes his subscription to C.O. Amateur Radio magazine and his subscription to the Galveston Daily News newspaper because he’s firmly convinced that he’ll give this 99-year-sentence right back to the State of Texas, get out, and take up residence on Galveston Island with an amateur radio station of some kind. This old rascal believes so. Does it matter if it is so? The beliefs of this old rascal and the other 171,000 prisoners in TDCJ are, individually and collectively, as worthless as they can be, except to the believers themselves. And isn’t that the whole story of beliefs? Isn’t it a complex process to induce anyone else to believe the same things as me, unless they are predisposed to believe so?