Michael Arizpe, November 22, 2012

1st Journal Entry: (lesson) “Stance of a Distinguished Gentleman”

Let me begin this mighty inquisition into the abysmal state of the soul.  By first relating to the the reader what you are embarking on is an unfathomable journey unto a vast and immeasurable wealth of knowledge that can only exist in the realm of God.

“Man is judged by the quality of his life.”  Because I am incarcerated, my life is already tainted by pre-judged minds (prejudice).  Yet, these memoirs are not meant for curious minds.  But rather for Idealist and Great Visionaries who desire a transformation of thought, character and being.”

These writings are meant for the refinement of tastes, colors & sounds that exhibit them-self in a soul driven “distinguished gentleman.”   One who can distinguish gently between “truth and falsehood” and make the correct choice to follow the best course.

In brief, let me outline the three stages of my life that relate to my outer and inner change.  In doing this you have to place yourself in my shoes for a second or two.  Feel the guilt, shame and remorse of an ignorant adolescent at the age of 19 that committed a crime that will consume more of his life behind concrete and steel than he could ever imagine in a free-world society.

Then walk into a industrious confinement that operates on immoral, dehumanizing and oppressive conditions that strips the very colors of your soul and paints everything black, white and grey.

Now awaken yourself by opening a book, “Explore” topics that range from everything under the sun and beyond!  In which the mind “expands, stretches and exercises it’s strength upon the plane of “reasoning” and breaks the mental shackles of slavery (limitation) and ask what is their to stop an ambitious man, who desires to re-form, re-habbit- his -abilities (rehabilitate) and re-evolve-tion (revolutionize) his life!

The “idealist” is a creator of forms that re-organize the patterns of his thoughts, his innate energies automatically go into motion to construct his vision accomplishments.  So fore he begins to become an Architect of his own design and making.

The missing component to man’s success is the study and application of moral principal, without which man can never cleans his mind of the rubbish that cloudies his very Vision of greatness and purpose. Morality is the primal core of all Universal existance.  It is the harmonizing hinge that brings the wisdom, strength and beauty of the established order of a life all together.

Only the sincere man in heart and mind can overstand that : law governs all events “and that the Creator abides by His own order and in this is the “knowledge of power”, that gives the layman the ability to see “when one exists outside of rightness (righteousness) he himself is destined for failure and over- all self destruction…Because, he is out of tuned with who he really is…I leave by saying “Seauton Gnothi”Man Know Thyself.

The Stance,

Professor X