Tommy Sanders, assorted entries

June 21, 2012

Mrs. Lacy was working the infirmary, kind of unusual for her to be there, but she is always a pleasant person to deal with. Davis went into the Education dept. Nichols did not show up this morning, said he did not get a layin. No problem, gave me a little extra time to do other things. Celly is planning on making commisary next stuck out day. We have hot links for lunch, I will eat in the cell. Chili and beans. Did complete an article for Yale University on the contest promoted in PLN. May enter more than one article. I will see what happens. Wished Randall a Happy Birthday when I left, bet she wonders where that came from, smile! Told Ms. Lacy to have a good day, but it was 8.00 am before we got out of there. They brought an officer to the infirmary on a stretcher, no physical wounds that could be seen. Probably just having difficulty with his health, and the work atmosphere. Got back to the cell following the little cute african, celly was gone, had to go get shoes. Officer, another african let me in. It will be a good day. Poor older hispanic almost got in serious trouble in the law library. He is on a walker, and went to the restroom without letting the officials know he was leaving. Then when he tried to come back in, they refused to let him in. Forced him to leave. Then the desk officer from the infirmary tried to talk to them, no one would address the issue with her. So she called the Sgt. Killon. Sgt. Killon made the inmate come back in the law library. Well he wanted to sit anywhere, and chose the special chair. Immediately the ladies were on him, you can’t sit there. All of us inmates started intervening, telling the old guy, just go back to your assigned seat. Finally he moved and went where he was assigned. Interesting morning…

July 17th, 2012
Made devotions and did law library. It was Tuesday and Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Stotts ran the session, those two are good. It will be a good day.

July 18th, 2012
Made devotions, and law library. Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Stotts, good session. It will be a good day.

July 19th, 2012
Made devotions, and law library. It will be a good day. Mrs. Stotts has a new hairstyle, she loves changing her hair.