Gabriel Roberson, June 2012

When I was a kid I always liked when people stayed with us. When Aunt Sissy and my five cousins lived with the four of us in our two bedroom duplex you’d think it’d be hella crowded in there but as a kid it didn’t seem that way. It just meant there was always someone to play with. And the girls were old enough they were allowed to take me to walk with em to the store or wherever. When Uncle Funk or Bobby or David or Uncle Spark stayed with us I always liked it too. Uncle Spark was like a good corrupting influence, at least the way I looked at it. And the others were all fun, and they didn’t seem to look at us like little kids. They showed an interest when you talked to them, they didn’t just shine you on cause you were a dumb little kid. Even once I was a teenager and Mom and Pops didn’t have any people staying at the pad much, I had the ol’ lady over there all the time and homies crashin there. It’s good having people at the pad like that. I don’t know why.

Must be summertime cause the heater’s on full blast! Funny how it never works very good in the winter but works like a champ once it gets hot! I had this weird but kinda cool dream. But I messed up I didn’t write it down when it was still clear in my head. Where do dreams go I wonder? I wake up a lot of times and they’re clear to me and I’ll go over em in my mind. But then I can only remember little pieces, little fragments. They’re like dew on the grass, just evaporate when the sun comes up. If I could find a real good one I think I’d like to stay in it forever. Maybe back as a kid again. Stay over at Ma’s, watch TV, read comic books, listen to Pa Louie lie. That would be pretty good.