Leroy Floyd, October 25, 2011

Excerpt from “The Remembrance Stone” 10/25/2011

I’m a Libra ya’ know!
Yep, a full fledged indecisive, thinks he’s intellectual, possibly artistic, hard to decide though kind of guy. October 3rd, 1980, I guess I “began”. I’m doing this journal thing as a sort of letting go. I’ve always written things that somehow or another have gotten lost. Like a three ringed binder with poems I wrote in middle school- Including a thanksgiving day poem about how the Indians & Pilgrims felt about each other. I’ve had this problem with letting things go. It hurts me to. Losing things are worse than having them stolen and selling things is slightly better than doing them for sentimental value but only in the long term. I don’t even like to give my drawings away to the people I’ve drawn them for.

But prison has a way of… changing a person’s mind. the things I thought yesterday seem weak in this one. Some convictions are just cartoon bubbles and besides- what does yesterday matter when you have to survive today? That’s pretty much prison. But still the mind remembers. the heart longs for those more decent things a live can have. OCCUPY!….