Margaret Ryan, May 15th, 2012

I received another letter from my ex-husband, two in a month. What a nice surprise.

My fan went out last week so I have been begging everyone for fan funds. Today I will attempt to blueslip a fan… I stand in faith that money will be there.

I earned my first dollar from my writing. I have been suppressing my joy out of habit but, truth be told, I’m ecstatic. From a woman who never had faith in my abilities due to poor spelling… it’s a wonderful way to earn my way. Of course the state forbids inmates from earning a dollar, we must give away ourselves, our labor, our time, etc… while we go without basic needs. Donations or/ and gifts to each other are also forbidden but there would be no way to stay bug free and clean without each others’ support. Some beg, others steal, I prefer to earn my way. A punishment for such acts is demanded within our system. Finding purpose, finding something to be proud of is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Yet, it’s possible.