Joshua Keziah, July 1st 2012

Could Prison be the best thing that happened to me?

Joshua Keziah

Growing up I was raised well.  Even though my mother was on welfare, she did whatever it took to keep a roof over my head, food in my mouth, and clothes on my back. My stepfather worked day and night to meet the bills.

It wasn’t till I was 12 years old when i found a passion for criminal activity and drugs.  The year 2000 also known as y2k was when I had my first joint, my first beer, and sold drugs for the first time.  It made me feel special and wanted by the kids around me, so I learned how to be the best at doing drugs, selling drugs and robbing anyone.  Which would lead to my nickname “more” (Move. Out.  Rob.  Everything.)  Once I found a way to balance school, football and my new life as More, I thought I was untouchable.
I chose my life as “More” over “Josh” in 2003 when I dropped out of high school my freshman year.  The full ride scholarship to the university to Reading to play football meant nothing compared to my street fame as “More”.
I had it all thanks to the streets.  My own apartment, the sexy spanish chick on the block, $3,000.00 coming in every week.  The streets knew my name.

Feb 2007, More was offered $30,000.00 to proform a robbery for a well known drug dealer.  At the age of 19, it sounded like paradise.  I proformed the robbery at 10:45pm, by 2:45 AM, I would be taken into custody.
Never being to prison was a eye opener, my reputation and actions would get me threw my county bid.

In May 2010, I entered ScI Dallas in PA.  Thats when reality smacked me in the mouth.  Seeing men that will spend the rest of their lives behind bars really took a toll on me.  I entered school and received my GED, and went a step further to take vocation training for construction based from P.S.U Standards.  I’ve had a job as a cook since July 2010, which is my first Job.  I’ve studied stocks and have invested.
I lost everything I ever had in life like my family, both sons, girlfriend, money, and my early adulthood.

At the age of 24, I’ve now finally realized the value of family and an education.  Prison showed me that no matter how good I thought I was, I really wasn’t that good.  I was stupid!
I see parole for the second time this month.  I received a 9 month hit in Dec 2011. I really hope the parole board of PA gives me the chance to show I’m not the animal at age 19 known as “MORE”, but a 24 year old man known as Joshua that is a member of society, a father and a family member.  Dead is “More” and Alive is society.