Summer 2007 Newsletter

Hi, Friends.

Welcome to another edition of the Prisoner Express News. It is always with great pleasure that I begin creating the newsletter. First and foremost it gives me and some of the other volunteers at Prisoner Express a chance to communicate with you. It is very difficult due to the financial constraints and time issues to answer your letters personally, and this newsletter gives me the opportunity to let you know what programs Prisoner Express is currently offering, display some of the essays and other writings you all have submitted to the program, to print useful reference information that you can utilize to your advantage, and to fill you in on the circumstances of my life.

As the Prisoner Express program continues to expand, we refine our mission, and figure out the best [read: most cost effective] practices for delivering programs and services to you our members. The premise behind our program is to help create situations that provide you with information, education and opportunities for creative self expression. In and of themselves these are worthy tasks, but even more we hope we step through the alienation and harshness of prison life to provide you with a sense of belonging. Membership in Prisoner Express is open to all, and it is my hope that the more an individual participates in our programs, the more personal gain they achieve in terms of personal
growth, expanded knowledge, improved communication skills, creative inspiration and a sense of balance and self worth. I know these are lofty goals, but at least you know the intent underlying our efforts.

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