Summer 2008 Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of Prisoner Express. This issue will feature the writing done by Prisoner Express members through a creative writing class taught by Katherine, a Prisoner Express Intern. We could only accept 40 members in this class due to cost and time considerations, but it is my hope that this writing and some of the other writing done by PE members will resonate with you the reader, and indeed cause you to consider picking up a pen and writing down some of your own thoughts.

As we enter our 7th year of providing resources to prisoners, it becomes obvious how limited we are in being able to send things in. I am always worried about censorship of materials if we err in the content. What I know we can send in is the inspiration to reflect on life and the encouragement to reflect on your experiences and to share those thoughts through the written word. We hope this issue will inspire a few more of you to send submissions into the program, and in return we can print and mail them to the few thousand of you that have joined PE.

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