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Poetry Spotlight: Rolf Rathmann

By Mariana | November 19, 2021

Lately, working through prisoners’ poetry submissions for the 2021 Poetry Anthology, I’ve found that some are particularly profound and well written. I recently read a poem that I wanted to share for its sheer quality, and the feeling I was left with after reading it. I hope you all find it as enjoyable and moving…

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Summer 2021 Newsletter

By Volunteer | September 21, 2021

Here is the latest Prisoner Express newsletter, being sent to over 4,000 subscribed members. Click here to download PDF – Summer 21 PE Newsletter The knowledge that people read their words and care about their well-being gives prisoners comfort and motivates them to change their lives and habits. Reading one another’s writing helps those in…

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Chapbook Update 22: Elizabeth S. Wolf

By Mariana | September 2, 2021

Gary Farlow sent in a collection of love poems from North Carolina. Mr. Farlow is a classically trained poet, with an impressive acknowledgements page of prior publications. My comment on this page is: “I have taken workshops which didn’t use repetition this effectively.” Wild Horses A team of wild horses          …

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Chapbook Update 21: Elizabeth S. Wolf

By Mariana | August 30, 2021

Another triolet from Take Pleasure from Pain, written by Andre D Underwood. Mr. Underwood resides in Florida. I might suggest he play up the hyphens; there’s a bit of an Emily Dickinson feel here, which is interesting. My comment on the page is: “Well done. This form works for you.” Lust and Love As we…

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Chapbook Update 20: Elizabeth S. Wolf

By Mariana | August 26, 2021

I can tell you about a triolet using a triolet by Zebulon Huset, published in the 3rd Wednesday journal. This was included in the educational packet accompanying my chapbook. How to Triolet Line one comes back seventh and fourth, line two is how the poem will end. Line three’s free but rhymes with one: north.…

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