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Chapbook Update 21: Elizabeth S. Wolf

By Mariana | August 30, 2021

Another triolet from Take Pleasure from Pain, written by Andre D Underwood. Mr. Underwood resides in Florida. I might suggest he play up the hyphens; there’s a bit of an Emily Dickinson feel here, which is interesting. My comment on the page is: “Well done. This form works for you.” Lust and Love As we…

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Chapbook Update 20: Elizabeth S. Wolf

By Mariana | August 26, 2021

I can tell you about a triolet using a triolet by Zebulon Huset, published in the 3rd Wednesday journal. This was included in the educational packet accompanying my chapbook. How to Triolet Line one comes back seventh and fourth, line two is how the poem will end. Line three’s free but rhymes with one: north.…

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Chapbook Update 19: Elizabeth S. Wolf

By Mariana | August 23, 2021

Several of the writers used standard poetic forms.  I gave a few examples in the education packet, but not many. Chapbooks are not expected to be in a formal poetry style. So it’s permitted, but not required. However it is a challenge that was accepted. This is a triolet from Take Pleasure from Pain, written…

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Chapbook Update 18: Elizabeth S. Wolf

By Mariana | August 19, 2021

This is from the chapbook Time to Heal/ Transitions, written by James Stevahn. Mr. Stevahn resides in Arizona. The title poem is a collection of linked haibun.  This form consists of a short bit of prose poetry, followed by a haiku. It can be a very powerful way to communicate in a tight space. Here…

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Chapbook Update 17: Elizabeth S. Wolf

By Mariana | August 16, 2021

More from the chapbook Burnt, written by Scott Madoulet. Mr. Madoulet resides in Washington. This appears near the end of the book.  It may have started as a list poem, or a dictionary poem. A dictionary poem traditionally goes beyond the conventional meaning of the word or brings in other associations. I found this thoughtful…

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