Winter 2023 Newsletter

The Winter 2023 Prisoner Express newsletter has now been mailed to the thousands of prisoners participating in the PE program. Thanks to a grant from the Sonya Staff Foundation, we have been able to expand the size of the newsletter as well as increase the many programs that are offered to our PE members throughout the year. The newsletter describes all the new programs we are offering this cycle as well as presenting a good sampling of the art, poetry and short theme writings that were submitted in our last program cycle. It makes great reading and gives the reader a good sense of the vibrant and creative expressions incarcerated men and women can create with just a little bit of encouragement.

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We encourage you, in particular, to read through the theme essays and experience how important it is to our members to read each other’s writings. PE’s outreach relieves the mind-numbing boredom and depression common in prison and replaces it with creative engagement and a sense of belonging.

There are many ways for volunteers to be involved remotely and if you’d like to be part of the solution, please write to us at