Summer 2022 Newsletter

Our most recent newsletter is out! This issue features many sections of poignant stories, poems, and art from prisoners. Read what they have to say about Heroes, Censorship, Holidays, and many more topics. Future program offerings to prisoners such as the Meditation Project, Book Club, Journal Project, and more can be found throughout the newsletter as well. Please follow the link to the newsletter and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

Read the Summer ’22 Newsletter

Testimonial Spotlight

The Summer ’22 newsletter has already received many powerful responses from prisoners. One such response came from an avid writer, Teddy Lewis. His heartfelt words warmed our hearts.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you exactly how thankful I am to the staff at Prisoner Express who have given me a vehicle to express my writings. As I approach my 21st year of incarceration, you guys at Prisoner Express make my life in state prison worth living. To be able to write words of different subjects and titles is an amazing feeling, especially with the odds against you. I feel like all of the negative impacts of NY state prison has absolutely no effect on me, and everyday I have something that money can’t buy and something no element on Earth can destroy. Thank you.

-Teddy Lewis

What’s Next?

We are now in the stage of mailing our programs to PE members who have signed up for them. So far the most popular programs are the Philosophy module, the offer of Rattle, a national poetry magazine highlighting the poetry of our PE members and a packet focused on mental health. We have 3 different book clubs offered this cycle including a Pema Chodron book, “Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old habits and Fears.” This offering will include a study guide and thought-provoking questions for our incarcerated friends to consider and submit responses. The responses will be collated, and a compilation document will be shared with the participants.

As always, we have various opportunities for in-person and remote volunteering to get involved.