Spring ’22 PE Programs Available Online

We are happy to announce that Prisoner Express’ latest courses and programs have officially been mailed to members and are now available to read online as well. In addition to our newsletter that is mailed every 6 months, we also offer incarcerated individuals educational packets on a variety of subjects.

ArtKnows Drawing Packet has been mailed to over 300 members.

In this cycle, we included curriculums on Meditation, Immunology, Philosophy, Film Writing, Art, Spanish, Chess, Journaling, and a Rattle packet. This is all possible with the help of dedicated PE volunteers and staff. We hope you are all able to enjoy, learn, and grow from these programs and also send back your thoughts and responses to questions from the packets according to the unique instructions in each one.

Quick links to download each program:


All programs are posted on the “Education” page. The programs of the previous cycle, such as Spring 2022 can be found under “Current Programs” and older publications can be found under “Past Programs.”