Chapbook Update 15: Elizabeth S. Wolf

This is from the chapbook Do You Care, written by Marino Leyba. Mr. Leyba resides in Minnesota. This poem reminds me of the Bob Dylan quote: “If I can sing it, it’s a song. If I can’t sing it, it’s a poem.” At times I thought some of Mr. Leyba’s pieces could go either way. This is an excerpt of the opening poem.



My thoughts keep running past me.

I’ve seen the rain fall softly, the earth cries

as I sing a song that’s sad and off key.

I used to be a living legend but now all the 

crowds do is mock me.

Everything is foreseen.

A summer’s night is a winter’s dream.

Unbending light, I can’t pretend tonight.

Luminous, what mood is this?

I feel like what room is this!

Are these my confessions?


Bury me!

Or at least my thoughts.

The taste of strawberry cake, I forgot.

Blue skies and goodbyes.

Will everything get better, when pigs fly.

I’m sober but I promise I feel so high.