Chapbook Update 12: Elizabeth S Wolf

This is from the chapbook Using An Ink Pen To Escape My Cage, written by Jon Albert Kaspar. Mr. Kaspar resides in Virginia. I loved this collection. A little bit Beat, a little bit Dylan, allusions flying out in all directions. This poem travels to the future, through history, and ends right in your lap.



I write poetry because

Of an air-conditioner

I started writing because

Of visual aesthetics

I will continue writing to

Change your world

To change the world of 

The archeologist

Who discovers my writings

Buried under the nuclear waste

Of what was once your house

They’ll think these writings

Are scripture

My poetry book your bible

It would be a pop-up

Future experience

Just write

Poetry starts in your stomach

Go over a waterfall in your poetry book

Tell Dr. Mengele poetry is your twin

When we’re done entertaining

Go on a hunger strike to oppose hunger strikes

We’ll write poetry in their blood

If you asked whose

Than probably yours.