Chapbook Update 11: Elizabeth S. Wolf

This is from the chapbook Mentally Confined, written by James Gondek. Mr. Gondek resides in Michigan. Many, many of these chapbooks touched on issues of mental illness and treatment. Read this for the insight, where the personal story turns into a universal truth.


Facing my Thoughts

Every single night

I drop these same tears

Who do I look for

I just want someone near

I don’t have no one

I just want one to care

I remember my ex-

and what she said

So I look for the bad

that she said was there

So I looked deep down

and I only saw fear

So someone is lying

either her or the mirror.


Day after day

I try to stay strong

week after week

it just seems too long

all of this time

that I have to be gone

I sit here and think

Where did I go wrong.