Book from Prisoner Express inspired White Power group to disavow Nazism

Last week an attorney called to make a donation. We learned that his client, a leader of a prison white power group ordered all his gang’s members to remove swastika tattoos.

What would catalyze this change of heart?

Volunteers responding to book requests in the PE book room.

Responding to book requests in the PE book room.

At some point in time, he received a book from Prisoner Express. Volunteers choose the books in response to letters from prisoners. We always send a personal note along with the package. In this case, the book was “Night” by Elie Weisel.

He said this book opened his eyes to the horrors of Nazism and death camps.

After reading it he wanted to disavow his group from any of that hatred, removing swastika tattoos and breaking any allegiance with Nazism. 

His lawyer was calling us at the Alternatives Library to tell us how the book program had touched his client and donate to help send book packages. 

You can also help Prisoner Express send books. Right now I’m volunteering to help Prisoner Express reach a $5,000 spring fundraising goal and telling my friends and family about this important work. Please donate today, any amount, to help us continue sending books and changing lives.

Thank you!