Prisoner Express Annual Artshow Reception

Click here to see the event on the Durland Alternatives Library website.

The annual prisoner art exhibition at Cornell’s Big Red Barn will be presented April 12 through , with a reception on April 12, 7 to 9 pm.

The exhibition will display the works of prisoners participating in the art projects of the Prisoner Express. Some artists are long-time participants of Prisoner Express; artists like Steve Fegan a prisoner in the California Department of Corrections.

Another long-time artist is Julie Spencer, also of California who has been generous in contributing her artwork both for this exhibition but many in the past. The exhibition presents approximately 30 works of art developed over the past year from various artists in prisons through-out the United States.

In this time, when the “other” is under attack, the rights of the prisoner will most certainly be challenged and the freedom for creative expression may become limited. It is at these times, when programs like Prisoner Express are pertinent to protect these rights of the prisoner.

Please come and support the rights for prioner’s creative expression.