Telling Your Story / Grammar

This is one of the most recent distance learning packets being sent to prisoners who’ve requested this topic. We’ve combined a grammar lesson with a lesson on telling your story.


For many years we have focused on creative writing, and we will continue to do so, but this cycle PE grammar guru Clara has created a thorough instructional packet on grammar rules. So many prisoners have never had anyone explain correct grammar to them and at last count 790 prisoners have requested this lesson. It will go a long way to helping prisoners improve their communication skills.

Telling Your Story:

This project invites prisoners to share autobiographical writings from select periods of their life. Michelle, who also manages our theme writing program has put together a series of writing cues for different stages of life including; Childhood, Teenage Years, Adulthood, Perceptions of prison prior to arrest, and Incarceration. We will sift through the hundreds of essays we receive and publish a booklet of essays from prisoners regarding these different life stages.

Click Here to Download the Packet : Telling Your Story / Grammar