Help us send $1,000 worth of books this #givingtuesday

Hey Friends,

It’s been a long weekend setting up this new website for Prisoner Express, and we’re live! Just in time for #givingtuesday.

This new website will be a major resource for prisoners, their friends, loved ones, and family members. We’re featuring writing and artwork from prisoners, along with an easy enrollment process and a way for people to support our program with donations.

So, now that you’re here, would you support our work? We need to fundraise $1,000 so we can catch up on all the mailings. Just look at these packages of book!!!


>> Click here to donate $7 and send a package.

Give to prisoners this holiday season.

I’ll be honest – we’re counting on you to help us raise just $1,000 to send packages. I’m really hoping there’s enough people like you who support our work – people who believe that prisoners deserve the services we provide.

[Tweet “This Tuesday: On #givingtuesday we’re sending hundreds of packages to prisoners who requested reading materials. Can we count on you to donate at least $7 and help us send these packages?”]


This is a time of year when non-profits fund raise like crazy. It’s also when some donors are looking to make tax deductible donations. One of the best things about  our fund raiser (and granted, we’re new at this) is that every single dollar has an immediate impact.

I’m serious. By 3pm on Tuesday we’re going to spend the exact amount of dollars that was donated to send these books to prisoners who are waiting for them.


Can we count on you to donate at least $7 and help us send these packages?

Yes! I’ll donate what I can to help send packages of books to prisoners who’ve requested them.