Dennis McGuire, January 15th, 2014


I have long hoped that God has a sense of humor when it comes to me. I had better hope that He does. You have seen me write some incredibly irreverent things about God in these Journal Entries, but I hope none of it has been blasphemous or mean-spirited. I’m sure God is aware when I mis-use His name with the word “damn” attached to the end of it. He knows I know better. But if we accept the fact that He created us in His image, with His characteristics, we must assume that He, too, has a sense of humor and that he laughs (or chuckles, at least) at some of the funny stuff we come up with. Did he laugh at Johnny? How bout at Bernie Mac? What about Seinfeld reruns? I hope so. And I hope that as He has kept an eye on me over the years that He’s at least chuckled, and maybe closed His eyes and shook His head at my humor and my jokes the way Mr. Hedges did that night in 12-building when he realized where my “theory about dominoes” joke was headed, and says to his Son on the throne next to him there: “That old bastard comes up with some crazy shit sometimes. I’m gonna have to zap him someday. But I can’t help but love him.”