Margaret Ryan, June 10th, 2013

I must learn to accept myself just as I am so I may move forward with life… but how. My friend got out and is bumming off a friend’s family. She refuses to get a job and do anything for herself. As I look back over my own life I can see how I also used to be like her — no self respect, no value. How…

Prison seems to keep me in a stuck mode. The emotional attachments are slowly dying but so is a large part of myself. That hope of finding someone to share my forever with is still there, but the questions remain the same… How.

The subject of god, of Jesus… a power greater than myself… I feel I’ve been sold a lot of bull. Not that I don’t believe in a god… it’s just not the Jesus I grew up with. Everything seems to be based on lies; some form of deception… yet I seek.