Tommy Sanders, May 17th and June 29, 2012

May 17th, 2012
… Just ate in the cell. Managed to get to store and got my hot pot, and a couple of pints, one for celly and one for me. Amazing how ice cream can turn the day around. Made it to law library, and wrote sis. Did my prayer and scripture reading. Stotts and Randall were at law library, those two have been steady at this. It’s good to have some stability in the law library, we went through several changes in the last few years. Maybe now we are getting settled. It will be a good day today.

June 29th, 2012
Did my devotions, and got to law library in spite of officer telling me there was no law library. Let Mrs. Randall know, and asked her “Did you have anything to do with that?” Her response, “I don’t play off into that kind of stuff.” She’s a solid good officer, and takes her job pretty seriously, even if her lip hair was showing. Pretty is, as pretty does. It will be a good day! Three building was stripped to their boxers and taken to the Rec yard today. Then they locked them down, don’t know what is going on. Sure makes it faster for us to go to chow. They pulled Mrs. Randall from law library and put her in the hallway. That lady is all over, she is useful in any position after 19 years she probably can do it all. Mr. Holmes was left to finish the session, did good, no tripping. Poor Sgt. Hannah at last chow looked like she was ready to cry, guess she had a rough day with all the hoopla about three building, and Col. Holman running rampant. Watched him get about three inches from a female’s face at B-side chowhall phone, screaming at her. She let him scream, and then turned around and walked off, without responding. The lady he screamed at was white. Then when Sgt. Ross showed up, he grabbed her, and pulled her close in a hug. Capt. Holman can run hot/cold in a split second. Neither action was very professional. It was a good day anyway we had cantalope.