Robert Lee Alvarez “A Happy Memory” August 5th, 2011

Although I have many, one in particular is of my daughter (Kristina), my daughter’s mother (Sabrina) and I.  Kristina and I had just picked up Sabrina from work and from the time Sabrina got in the car, till just about pulling up at home, they were all “huggs and kisses.”  Kristina was about 4 years old and very smart, so Sabrina was asking her all kinds of questions.  I guess I was feeling a little left out as I drove because they were enjoying each other so much.  Especially after Sabrina asked her “Do you love me?”  Kristina answered of course, yes! so she proceeded to ask her “how much?” and kristina stretched her tiny arms as wide as possible and said “this much!” so by then, I had to intervene, as I was feeling a little lonely.  After all, this is “Daddy’s Girl”…

Sabrina was getting a kick out of this because after she asked her a second time Kristina bumped me in the arm as she stretched her arms agian.  So I jumped in and said “Do you love me, too? And she also said “yes!”  So I proceeded to ask her “how much?”  Except this time she did her two little fingers as though she was trying to pinch something as she held her fingers to her eye and even squinted a little.  Sabrina thought this was hilarious, so she, of course, had to rub it in, so she asked her again “how much do you love Daddy?”  So she did it again and even yelled “this month!”  As they both rolled in laughter.  Except this time she noticed I was taking it hard.

So I said “Awe, why do you only love me that much?”  And as she did it once more with a squint as if she was trying to look between her fingers, she said “Because noone can get in between us!”

Sabrina was stunned more so, when she realized no one had shown her that…..