“Swimming,” by Kristopher Smith


By Kristopher Smith #01703391

Connolly Unit

889 FM 632

Kenedy, TX, 78119



When my soul slips in sorrow

And regret pulls me down into the depths of darkness

I must either tread water

Or try to make it to the distant shore.

In the worst of times, I can’t believe

That the shore even exists and the fantasy falls flat.

In the best of times, I can focus

On one stroke at a time, making headway everyday.

The present moment is where I sink or swim.

Only now can the decision be made.

Never sure of direction or destination;

Always just motion, motion, motion.

Drowning is not an option.

Sometimes forward, sometimes backward,

But never staying still.

Forever just the moment, the decision, and the motion.

Now, I choose to swim.