Someone poured water in our new TV so the new year begins with 34 women forced to find ourselves with one less diversion to keep us bound to self-delusions.

As hard as it is to face reality, prison leaves you a lot of time to face up to the mess of your own making. Whoever sold me the lie of addiction sold me into a life I hate, yet know well.

Haidi just received another year set-off. She reminds me of herself at her age. People love and support her every need. Beauty is a blessing to be grateful for. I remember how Wes would make sure I had enough in here. Mike would also. Now that my beauty has faded with my youth and good health, I am left without basic necessities. A charity case among charity cases. Prostitution isn’t even an option under the current circumstances. I used to view prostitutes as sorry low-lifes. Now I know they are people just like me who were left with no options. A hard lesson to learn about judging others.

This year is new and fresh; a year I desire to accomplish many goals in.