Where was I, where am I?

Kathryn Oliver

January 17, 2012

Maybe forgetfulness is not out of the ordinary for 70 year olds. My grandmother is 99 and she still sounds sharp in her letters! Of course her handwriting cannot be read, but at least she writes. None of my sons seem to know how. I have 4 of them but have not had 4 letters from them yet. I’ve been locked up 18 and a half years without getting 4 letters yet from my sons?? Oh my God. Wonder how many letters I have written them? One a week for 18 and a half years is 52 times 18 is 936 plus 26 more for the half year is 962 per son. Wow! If they one day decide to answer all of them at once I shall never be able to write them back. Whose pen did I just grab? This is not my pen. Oops! Better “up it” before I get in trouble. So now where was I, where am I?