Sean Poulton, January 23, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. I mean opening our hearts and allowing ourselves to be open to love and pain. I mean they go hand in hand and I’ve yet to see one without the other. Then I think of the two times I’ve been truly in love and I know, I’d never give up the precious moments we shared. The bliss I felt in the presence of a person to complete me. I know I’ll always carry the scars but they trigger memories of what used to be and give me hope that I may find that wholeness again. Those scars give us reason to struggle.


  1. heather on April 30, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    U have alot to give it sound like u have a kind heart it seem are u from clarksville,in and what is your book going to be about.take care i look forward to readid more of your post