S. Brown, April 10 & 22, 2012

April 10, 2012

This year seems to be flying by at an alarming rate.  I suppose I should be happy about that.  It seems that all my days just run together, anymore.  I would hazard a guess to say that is a positive thing in here.


I sometimes wonder if what I did was just a violent protest on society today.  But then, when I think of my state of mind when it happened that I went just a little nuts.  Little? Down right crazy.  Must have been a temporary thing.  Would an insane man call his past actions crazy?  That is a hell of a question is it not?

Life goes on no matter how much it wouldn’t.  You must learn to cope, or get left behind.

April 22, 2012

Why is it I keep forgetting the little things all of the time.  It is quite aggravating.  For instance, why can I not remember to write in my journal at least once a week.  You think that would be an easy one to remember.

Well the first mothers day is coming up since I told my mother that I would make no effort to contact her unless she wrote me.  I am pretty sure I will never hear from her again.  Oh well, my life may turn out better for the lack of worry and hassle that is my mother.

Waiting for a few letters.  I hope to hear from someone soon.  My father wrote me out of the blue.  That was a pleasant surprise.  If only my mother could be so generous.

Say La Vi or some such!