Journal January 14, 2012

Henry Haro

Excerpts from January 14, 2012


Christmas and New Years were as always, just another day, one can only imagine what loved ones are doing and feeling.  It’s easy to detach ones emotions/feelings toward the outside world, at least for me it has become easy.  Being in prison can be one heck of an emotional ride if you don’t detach yourself emotionally from the outside world.  The reality is that the world one is now experiencing is isolation so it does no good to dwell on what your family may be going through because there is nothing you can do to be there for them.  Stressing over what they may be going through can become detrimental to one’s well-being with time.  So the best thing one can do is to be practical and live the reality dealt to you.  And to live healthy you must create a program that brings yourself meaning and purpose.  I’ve learned there is so much I can do to contribute to others even being in the situation I’m in.  So I educate myself and utilize this knowledge to inform others.

I see the potential for change in people.  That’s where it starts, with the belief in that potential to effect the change in oneself that one wishes to see in one’s community, country, and world.  It takes knowledge, understanding and the courage to do something about it.  ONe thing that prison does is make it clear of the lost time and opportunities forfeited for a lack of thinking and appreciating the value and potential of one’s life.  That’s what life’s about, to live and learn- the operative… to learn.